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[sticky post]about
Bliss [pokemon OC]

× My journal is semi-friends only! All my fanfiction, original work, fanart or graphics are unlocked and visible to anyone, so just check out my tags page to find what you're looking for.

×  You can also find me at the following websites:-

× Main Twitter × Main Tumblr × Hermann Gottlieb RP Tumblr  × Bruce Banner RP Twitter

×  My current obsessions are:-
× Pokemon × Marvel Comics × Colonial Marines × Horses/English Riding × Drawing × Felting × Animal Crossing: New Leaf

×  I post about practically everything: life, friends, shopping, fandom things, collections, family. I have heaps of original characters I love talking about, as well as millions of fandoms and interests, and I love making new friends and talking to people.

×  I'm embarking on my first full time teaching post, delivering Health and Social Care.

×  I am a dog owner who I post about a lot, as well as varying medical ailments. All tagged.

× If you'd like to be added, comment here, or friend me first. I don't bite.

Mega Weeding Sales
Florges [pokémon]
- I'll ship anywhere in the world
- First person to commit gets the item
- Sales permission given in 2008 by mod lineaalba (now deactivated)
- PayPal preferred, trades available for Omanyte items (and things from other fandoms).
- You'll find feedback under my older username, celuthea, or my eBay, celuthea2101
- I'd rather sell as lots, but feel free to make offers on individual items.

Fairy lot - $35 +shipping
Contains: Swirlix Pokedoll, Swirlix and Spritzee MPC and Diancie pokecen charm. All MWT/MIP.

Happiny, Chansey and Blissey lot - $45 +shipping
Contains: Happiny Jakks plush, Happiny canvas plush, 2 Blissey applause plush, Happiny and Nurse Chansey kids, bootleg Happiny and Blissey TOMY figures, orange clear Chansey, light up Chansey, Blissey Hama bead Sprite, Chansey marble (blue), Blissey pencil topper and 2 Chansey mini figures (one full colour, one orange).

Shieldon and Bastiodon lot - $50 +shipping
Contains: Shieldon banpresto plush, Shieldon Jakks plush x2, Shieldon mascot plush, Shieldon Hama bead Sprite, Shieldon pencil + topper, Shieldon and Bastiodon attack kids, Shieldon and Bastiodon chous, Shieldon metal figure, Shieldon marble x2, Shieldon and Bastiodon TOMY figures, Shieldon pokeball Keychain, Shieldon buildable figure, Shieldon TGC coin, Shieldon movie charm, Shieldon and Bastiodon pokecen charms, DX Bastiodon kid, Bastiodon keshipoke, Bastiodon foam hiragana tile and Bastiodon clipping figure.

TCG Lot - $20 SHIPPED.
Comtains: 42 mixed cards, jumbo Rayquaza promo, standard size Rayquaza promo and Zygarde EX.

Keldeo lot - $100 +shipping
Contains: TOMY plush, mascot plush, MPC, Pokedoll, TOMY figure x2, clear TOMY figure MIB, resolution form TCG figure, resolution form attack and normal kids, gacha strap figure, soap figure, keshipoke, mini figure, snowy Zukan, diorama + pikachu Zukan, clear Zukan (resolution and normal), simple strap, lotto strap, Pokecen strap and metal charms (normal and resolution), custom beer mat, Hama bead Sprite, 3 ensky magnets and 3 clear files (2x A4, 1x A5).

Florges [pokémon]
Sales o'clock! Final weeding sales for a while, I hope.

- I'll ship anywhere in the world
- First person to commit gets the item
- Sales permission given in 2008 by mod lineaalba (now deactivated)
- PayPal preferred, trades not available at this time
- You'll find feedback under my older username, celuthea, or my eBay, celuthea2101

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 01 pm
Lot of Pokémon cards and online codes, including Zygarde EX - £18/$24 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 20 pm
Resolute form Keldeo PokeCen strap - £10/$13 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 36 pm
Diancie PokeCen Charm - £6/$8 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 57 pm
Kids and TCG figures - £5/$7 each or all six for £23/$30 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 35 34 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 35 38 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 35 46 pm
Keldeo Pokemon Centre plush, MWT. Has a slightly derpy neck, but very soft and cute in immaculate condition - £25/$33 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 06 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 11 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 19 pm
TOMY Keldeo plush in good condition, tush tag only - £15/$20 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 34 pm Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 38 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 44 pm
Teeny tiny Keldeo keychain plush, MWT - £7.50/$10 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 25 pm
Spritzee and Swirlix MPC, MWT - £12/$16 each or both £18/$24 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 45 pm
Swirlix and Mawile Petit keychain plush, MWT - £7.50/$10 each or both £13/$17 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 56 pm
Swirlix pokédoll - £20/$26 SHIPPED
Amaura is SOLD.

Pokemon Sales!
Florges [pokémon]
> I've had sales permission since 2008 from former mod lineaalba
> My feedback is under this name and celuthea, plus celuthea2101 on eBay
> I ship from the UK anywhere in the world. Shipping STARTS at $6 international.
> PayPal preferred, haggling allowed, especially if you buy more than one thing.


Resolution Form Keldeo merchandise

Pokedoll = $30
Kids Figures = $4 each/$6 both
Clear Zukan = $8
Snowy Zukan = $6 (Both Zukan $10)
TCG Figure = $5
MIP Charm = $6


Chansey Bell Plush
MIP = $15
VGC = $10

Diancie large size Pokecen plush = $20

Also selling a MIP Eren Jaeger Nendoroid! Comes complete with box, but there's no plastic inside the box (the clear stuff that holds the items in place). $50 SHIPPED.)

Quick Update!
Florges [pokémon]

SO. I'm not really using LJ much anymore. I've trimmed my friends list to a few communities, but as a general, you'll only really see my writings here. I'm going to go through the older posts and hide pretty much all of them, sorry to say!

I love you all. If you want to see me elsewhere, here's where to find me:

http://www.dzheyberd.tumblr.com/ Tumblr
https://twitter.com/dzheyberd Twitter
Quinny Banner is my FB

So... yes! Look for fanfic!

Florges [pokémon]

I think I'm now in a place or enough organisation to post and properly come back to LJ. I missed you all! IDK who even reads their flist anymore, but hi. I'll be mainly posting to comms I think, rather than blogging my life, but hi.

I'm okay. I'm better than I was. I'm happier.

If you want my life story, it's best to hit me on twitter (dzheyberd), tumblr (dzheyberd) or facebook (Doc Jaybird)

I love you all x

Hurt/Comfort table
Florges [pokémon]
My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

[public] Shingeki No Kyojin Cosplay Post
Levi [snk]
I started with a simple premise: Make the most accurate cosplay I could, following this page from the manga:


No mean feat. It was crazy but it worked.

Details Under Here (SUPER image heavy)Collapse )

[public] Doctor Circe Jaybird
Florges [pokémon]
So I have found my OC. She sums up, physically, a deep mental image I hold of myself. Sad probably, but when I saw this design by quisling, I fell in love.


I have more art of her and a whole tonne of information on my Tumblr here.

I really wanted to write about her and share her here, particularly as I have fic and headcanons and all sorts for her.

You can read Circe's biographical information here. I hope you guys like her ;;

[Saturday a big post is coming of updatedness <3]

[public] Name change
Florges [pokémon]
Hey all!

Yep my username has changed! I'm now floette rather than dr_banner. Floette (or Fleoette on Twitter/Tumblr). I love my fairy baby so much ;; I've hatched 980 trying to find a shiny. I do need to post, but I'm in no mood to make a decent post today.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't confuse anyone. Have a good day!

[FIC] You Can't Make Me!
Clint/Bruce [avengers]
Title - You Can't Make Me!
Fandom - Avengers [Post movie AU]
Rating - G
Summary - Bruce is the worst patient in the world, but Clint, Darcy and Lucky are the most persistent family in the world.

Written because the bunny would not shut the heck up until I wrote this. A very needed distraction today.
You can't make me!Collapse )

[PUBLIC] Pkmncollectors Sales
Bliss [pokemon OC]

  • I ship from the UK anywhere. All prices are shipped, and combined shipping will be provided if you buy lots.

  • Payments via PayPal required within 48 hours, unless previously agreed. PayPal is thefossilcave(@)gmail.com

  • Holds I can do for up to a week if you talk to me about it.

  • Trades are a big yes! I'm starting to collect Fairy Type pokémon, so any fairy merch is great. I'm particularly looking for Mawile, Gardevoir, Marill and Jigglypuff line kids, but I also love customs of new fairies and I have a character I love art of so :3

  • Items will be shipped on Wednesday, August 21st.

Reshiram lot - Zukan and Attack Kid - $10 shipped

Pawniard/Bisharp lot - Pokedoll, both MPCs and both kids figures, all MWT where appropriate. $40 shipped

Dwebble/Crustle lot - MPCs (MWT), Retsudan stamp, Dwebble kid, pokédoll sculptures by jensoxen custom charm by captainangel Christmas Dwebble pokecen charm - $30 shipped.

Porygon/2/Z Lot - Clear Porygon + normal Porygon, Porygon 2 and PorygonZ kids and zukan figures. $18 shipped.

Zoroark lot - Sparkly movie kid, baseless zukan, McDonalds toy - $10 shipped.

Dialga lot - Clear kid, racer figure, Sofubi scooping figure and ShoPro chibi strap - $12 shipped.

Kaiyedo pre-order figures - Take all of them for $45 shipped anywhere.

Random figures! All $1 each or take all of them for $8 shipped.

[I also have a small selection of random stuff for sale here, including The Sims 2!]

[PUBLIC] Sales? Kind of?
Florges [pokémon]
I know I know. I'm on summer break and I have basically not posted at all. I'd say I'd been busy, and I guess I have, but not that busy, so my bad. I will post a proper interesting post next, not just fic or this random post.

Basically I have cleared out my house. I've filled 2 huge bins full of stuff, gotten rid of over 300 books, and I have more stuff to take to charity shops. Anything I thought was nice enough I've collated and is under the cut: if no one wants, it's going on eBay tomorrow evening.

Da Rules.
- UK shipping is a bitch. Starts at $6 international D: But I will ship anywhere.
- Nothing really has a set price, offers and haggles welcome.
- Paypal payments rule OK.
- Trades are good. Fairy pokémon particularly, art especially.

pheonixxfoxx, sorjei and narumi - I have things already to post you gals, so if you want to add anything from here, just let me know and I'll throw it in. sorjei - do you want Psyduck in the packaging or out?

20 Pictures Under HurrCollapse )

[fic] Spread Your Wings, My Little Butterfly
Clint/Bruce [avengers]

Title: Spread Your Wings, My Little Butterfly
Fandoms: AU Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters/Pairings: Clint Barton/Bruce Banner, Avengers ensemble, Reed Richards.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Clint Barton is a man with many secrets, but sometimes it just takes the right person to break through his walls. Bruce Banner happens to be that person.

Notes: For the epic Cally’s birthday. It’s kind of tradition that I write her some Hulkeye for her birthday every year, and while I promised domestic fic, I hope this suits just as well. Enjoy!

WingsCollapse )

[PUBLIC] Hulk Arts Fest!
Florges [pokémon]

Hulk Art Fest

It begins! For the write up, please check out this post to read the backstory.

So another post is needed, because now I need requests. Yes! Request ALL the things!

I will draw ANYTHING. Please give me lots to draw. I don't promise it'll be perfect - far from it, the whole idea of this is that it's about me getting better - but I'm willing to try. And if you hate it? Tell me! I'll draw it again!

I've drawn the following before:
- Horses/equine beasties (inc. Pegasus & alicorns)
- MLP style ponies
- Pokemon
- Chibi people

I'm happy drawing:
- Animals
- Original characters
- Canon characters
- Pokemon
- Monsters
- Animal Crossing Mayors
- Anything? I'd probably struggle with cars but I'll try!!

But I want requests for ANYTHING. Eight legged dragon-griffon hybrid? BRING IT ON.

All I ask is you go hop skip to my handy Google Docs form and fill it in. Don't be shy! It's just 2 questions and you get free stuff - excellent, eh?

Either way, please share this lots so I can get better at art by drawing things you fabulous people request.

Thanks LJ babbies ❤

This is cross-posted a million places: sorry if you see it more than once!

(Proper update on Thursday :3)

[public] Codeses.
Bliss [pokemon OC]
SO because you're all awesome, I was wondering if anyone had a European PIN code for any of these games:

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version)

  • Luigi's Mansion 2

  • Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

They won't use/haven't used? Those are the little things that come in your game cases that look like this:

I'll draw you something, make you something, throw money at you, give you my eternal love, send you candy, write you fic, breed and EV train you pokémon, give you shiny things, ANYTHING if you have 1 of these codes I can have.

Help me Obi-Wan Flisti, you're my only hope!

Florges [pokémon]

I don't want work to ruin my life.

So, something positive to counterbalance the horrible.

Blissey pokedoll by sorjei ❤ She's perfect, and fat, and soft, and I adore her. She's my little piece of positivity for today; even Dashie likes her:

Such a cute little Pokedoll: I can't wait to show her off to pkmncollectors and at Expo :3

I saw someone else doing this, so...
Florges [pokémon]

I thought I'd try it.

I'm struggling so badly at the moment with my shoulder mainly, so I'm going to try posting something regularly that I'm happy or thankful to have in my life. Just to remind me that, contrary to what my head says, not everything is a steaming pile of shit.

First one is easy.

My baby doge. Missy literally keeps me going, she makes me smile and laugh and gives the very best cuddles. No matter what else happens, she's always there, always a little happy snuggle bum who loves being fussed and makes a big fuss back. She loves to sit behind me and be a heat pad on my shoulder, licking the bits that are full of fluid and hurting the most, and when I have to do exercises she sits with me. My sling is also a hammock for a doggie nose, which is so cute.

I lubs my doge. She is a big thing I am thankful for, even when she stuffs her tongue in my ear!!!

(I'm also seeing Iron Man 3 tomorrow OMG OMG OMG so excited!)

10_hurt_comfort table
Florges [pokémon]
Injured Love Sick Drunk Emotion
Lonely Jealousy Tears Fear Fight

[FIC] Hand in Hand
Clint/Bruce [avengers]
Title: and in Hand
Fandoms: CU/Pokèmon
Chapters: 1-4/?
Characters/Pairings: lint Barton/Bruce Banner, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers. Avengers cast + XMen The Last Stand ensemble.
Rating: ventual R with probably NC-17 sometime.
Summary: hen the world we live in is threatened, the Avengers and their Pokèmon have to act. But things are not quite what they seem on the Helicarrier, and there’s a third force at play that threatens one of the team.

Hand in Hand from the start on AO3

Follow the tag on Tumblr