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Florges [pokémon]

Mega Weeding Sales

- I'll ship anywhere in the world
- First person to commit gets the item
- Sales permission given in 2008 by mod lineaalba (now deactivated)
- PayPal preferred, trades available for Omanyte items (and things from other fandoms).
- You'll find feedback under my older username, celuthea, or my eBay, celuthea2101
- I'd rather sell as lots, but feel free to make offers on individual items.

Fairy lot - $35 +shipping
Contains: Swirlix Pokedoll, Swirlix and Spritzee MPC and Diancie pokecen charm. All MWT/MIP.

Happiny, Chansey and Blissey lot - $45 +shipping
Contains: Happiny Jakks plush, Happiny canvas plush, 2 Blissey applause plush, Happiny and Nurse Chansey kids, bootleg Happiny and Blissey TOMY figures, orange clear Chansey, light up Chansey, Blissey Hama bead Sprite, Chansey marble (blue), Blissey pencil topper and 2 Chansey mini figures (one full colour, one orange).

Shieldon and Bastiodon lot - $50 +shipping
Contains: Shieldon banpresto plush, Shieldon Jakks plush x2, Shieldon mascot plush, Shieldon Hama bead Sprite, Shieldon pencil + topper, Shieldon and Bastiodon attack kids, Shieldon and Bastiodon chous, Shieldon metal figure, Shieldon marble x2, Shieldon and Bastiodon TOMY figures, Shieldon pokeball Keychain, Shieldon buildable figure, Shieldon TGC coin, Shieldon movie charm, Shieldon and Bastiodon pokecen charms, DX Bastiodon kid, Bastiodon keshipoke, Bastiodon foam hiragana tile and Bastiodon clipping figure.

TCG Lot - $20 SHIPPED.
Comtains: 42 mixed cards, jumbo Rayquaza promo, standard size Rayquaza promo and Zygarde EX.

Keldeo lot - $100 +shipping
Contains: TOMY plush, mascot plush, MPC, Pokedoll, TOMY figure x2, clear TOMY figure MIB, resolution form TCG figure, resolution form attack and normal kids, gacha strap figure, soap figure, keshipoke, mini figure, snowy Zukan, diorama + pikachu Zukan, clear Zukan (resolution and normal), simple strap, lotto strap, Pokecen strap and metal charms (normal and resolution), custom beer mat, Hama bead Sprite, 3 ensky magnets and 3 clear files (2x A4, 1x A5).
Florges [pokémon]

(no subject)

Sales o'clock! Final weeding sales for a while, I hope.

- I'll ship anywhere in the world
- First person to commit gets the item
- Sales permission given in 2008 by mod lineaalba (now deactivated)
- PayPal preferred, trades not available at this time
- You'll find feedback under my older username, celuthea, or my eBay, celuthea2101

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 01 pm
Lot of Pokémon cards and online codes, including Zygarde EX - £18/$24 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 20 pm
Resolute form Keldeo PokeCen strap - £10/$13 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 36 pm
Diancie PokeCen Charm - £6/$8 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 34 57 pm
Kids and TCG figures - £5/$7 each or all six for £23/$30 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 35 34 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 35 38 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 35 46 pm
Keldeo Pokemon Centre plush, MWT. Has a slightly derpy neck, but very soft and cute in immaculate condition - £25/$33 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 06 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 11 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 19 pm
TOMY Keldeo plush in good condition, tush tag only - £15/$20 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 34 pm Photo 05-07-2016, 5 36 38 pmPhoto 05-07-2016, 5 36 44 pm
Teeny tiny Keldeo keychain plush, MWT - £7.50/$10 SHIPPED

Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 25 pm
Spritzee and Swirlix MPC, MWT - £12/$16 each or both £18/$24 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 45 pm
Swirlix and Mawile Petit keychain plush, MWT - £7.50/$10 each or both £13/$17 SHIPPED
Photo 05-07-2016, 5 37 56 pm
Swirlix pokédoll - £20/$26 SHIPPED
Amaura is SOLD.
Florges [pokémon]

Pokemon Sales!

> I've had sales permission since 2008 from former mod lineaalba
> My feedback is under this name and celuthea, plus celuthea2101 on eBay
> I ship from the UK anywhere in the world. Shipping STARTS at $6 international.
> PayPal preferred, haggling allowed, especially if you buy more than one thing.


Resolution Form Keldeo merchandise

Pokedoll = $30
Kids Figures = $4 each/$6 both
Clear Zukan = $8
Snowy Zukan = $6 (Both Zukan $10)
TCG Figure = $5
MIP Charm = $6


Chansey Bell Plush
MIP = $15
VGC = $10

Diancie large size Pokecen plush = $20

Also selling a MIP Eren Jaeger Nendoroid! Comes complete with box, but there's no plastic inside the box (the clear stuff that holds the items in place). $50 SHIPPED.)
Florges [pokémon]

Quick Update!


SO. I'm not really using LJ much anymore. I've trimmed my friends list to a few communities, but as a general, you'll only really see my writings here. I'm going to go through the older posts and hide pretty much all of them, sorry to say!

I love you all. If you want to see me elsewhere, here's where to find me: Tumblr Twitter
Quinny Banner is my FB

So... yes! Look for fanfic!
Florges [pokémon]



I think I'm now in a place or enough organisation to post and properly come back to LJ. I missed you all! IDK who even reads their flist anymore, but hi. I'll be mainly posting to comms I think, rather than blogging my life, but hi.

I'm okay. I'm better than I was. I'm happier.

If you want my life story, it's best to hit me on twitter (dzheyberd), tumblr (dzheyberd) or facebook (Doc Jaybird)

I love you all x
Florges [pokémon]

[public] Doctor Circe Jaybird

So I have found my OC. She sums up, physically, a deep mental image I hold of myself. Sad probably, but when I saw this design by quisling, I fell in love.


I have more art of her and a whole tonne of information on my Tumblr here.

I really wanted to write about her and share her here, particularly as I have fic and headcanons and all sorts for her.

You can read Circe's biographical information here. I hope you guys like her ;;

[Saturday a big post is coming of updatedness <3]
Florges [pokémon]

[public] Name change

Hey all!

Yep my username has changed! I'm now floette rather than dr_banner. Floette (or Fleoette on Twitter/Tumblr). I love my fairy baby so much ;; I've hatched 980 trying to find a shiny. I do need to post, but I'm in no mood to make a decent post today.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't confuse anyone. Have a good day!